My Digital TAT2 delivers its powerful, interactive curriculum to the workplace. Employers like Facebook, Google, and The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania have offered My Digital TAT2 workshops as part of their employee wellness programs.

Our series of four, one-hour workshops brings our most popular seminars into the office. The first two “core” courses provide an overview of the evolving digital landscape and the psychology of technology. Organizations choose two additional courses to fit their needs and interests.

CORE: Workshops 1 and 2

The Always On Generation and the Evolving Digital Landscape

A discussion of the evolving digital landscape, the newest apps, current trends, gaming and the places our children and teens go for support and guidance. Strategies for parenting today’s youth and opening the digital dialogue will be explored.  

The Psychology of Technology: Parenting in the Age of Social Media

A discussion of what it means to grow up in a world where children are wired from the crib and how this paradigm shift impacts cognition, well-being, sleep and relationships. A look at emerging brain science on the influence of social media on the brain and attachment.

CUSTOMIZE: Choose Workshops 3 and 4

Digitally Tethered: Strategies for Achieving Balance and Integration in Today’s Media World

What is mindful media use? How do we model balance and work-life integration in a world that expects 24/7 connectivity and immediate response? This course will offer a discussion of tethering and its impact on sleep, relationships, and well-being.  Strategies for setting limits will be explored.

Techno-Perfection: Living in A Curated World

Living in a photo-shopped world where media tells children and teens that their value is based on outward appearance impacts physical and emotional well-being.  This workshop will focus on what it means to live in a curated world and how parents can support healthy body image for girls and boys.

The Romance of Risk in the Age of Social Media

Risk-taking is a normal part of teen development. Today, this has expanded into the digital world. This workshop will explore what online risk-taking looks like and offer a framework to understand why teens take risks and what the benefits of risk taking are. We will also discuss strategies for recognizing unhealthy risk-taking and what parents can do to help teens become critical and responsible producers and consumers of media.

When Digital Use Becomes Overuse

Are today’s children and teens addicted to their devices?  Are we addicted to ours? A discussion of the difference between use and overuse will be explored as well as strategies for early prevention and intervention.

C U S T O M   W O R K S H O P S

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? My Digital TAT2 can work with you to customize a program to meet the needs of your audience. We work with groups of all sizes in school, business, and health care settings, as well as churches, synagogues, scouting groups, clubs, and private homes.

My Digital TAT2 also offers individual and case-by-case consultation, coaching, and support for individuals, families, and schools.


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