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Clinicians and Healthcare Professionals

Risk-taking in the Digital Age

There is nothing new about adolescent risk taking. What is new is the playground where teens are exploring and expanding their knowledge. Today’s teens are using social media to socialize with their peers, investigate the world around them, try on new identities, and take risks to establish independence. As the playground has moved into the digital realm it has become necessary for practitioners to understand the social and emotional challenges that the “always-on” generation faces in a 24/7 connected world.

Through interactive discussions, videos, and case scenarios, clinicians and healthcare providers will explore online risky behavior, digital reputation, cyberbullying, and cyber dependence and addiction. Participants will leave with an understanding of the benefits and challenges today’s children and teens face, a recognition of online risk-taking and psychological responses to social networking. Prevention and intervention strategies will be highlighted. (CEUs available upon request.)

Sexuality, Gender, and LGBT Identity in the Digital Age

Many questioning, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender teens are turning to social media for a safe place to explore and define their sexual and gender identities. This course will help parents, healthcare professionals, and counselors understand the stages of LGBT identity formation, how these adolescents use social media in their exploration, and ways to support questioning and LGBT youth.

Understanding Girl World in the Digital Age: Managing Risks and Creating Opportunities

This course describes the role of digital media in creating risks to and opportunities for building healthy self-esteem in adolescent girls. We discuss a model of emotional resilience that parents, healthcare professionals, and clinicians can use to help girls navigate issues like body image, perfectionism, pressure to achieve, social relationships, and managing intense emotions.

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