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Working with children gives us the opportunity to teach digital safety and citizenship, and especially to hear their voices and learn from them. We are always struck by how much they have to teach adults about their online lives and experiences. As digital natives, virtual living is their reality, not something they have to “learn” to do. In the same way we encourage parents to “get in the car” with their children and help them make wise online decisions, we encourage students to share their native perspective and knowledge with the adults in their lives. 

My Digital TAT2 has had the wonderful experience of working with over 1000 elementary school students in small group workshops. Here are just a few of the things 4th and 5th grade students had to say in response to the following question:

“What will you teach your parents about what you learned from the My Digital TAT2 workshop?” 

About on-line privacy

“Do not share passwords or your cell phone even with your best friends.”

“Privacy settings don’t make it private.”

“You really have to think about what you send or post because everyone can see it.”

“Make your passwords safe by using upper and lower case letters and numbers.”

“You should not share your passwords even with your siblings because they can get mad at you and do something mean.”

​“Nothing is really private online.”

“People can copy your pictures and forward them to others.”

“Some websites try to collect our private information.”

“Do not give personal information online to people I don’t know because they can use it in ways I don’t want.”

“Not everything is private, not even with private settings. Only “friend” people you know personally.” 

About digital reputation

“Swearing online makes you look like someone you want to stay away from.”

“If you do something now online and try to get a job later, people may not hire you if you post something they do not like. They will think you are not someone they want to hire.”

“It’s important to have a completely proud life online.”“When you put something online, it never goes away.”

“Think about the reputation of the other person.”

“I will only post what I would say in real life.”“When you post something on the computer it may fade but it never goes away.”

“Be responsible on the computer.”

“Tattoos are permanent, and what you put on the internet is permanent.”

“The internet is like a body, and words are like tattoos.”

​“I want my online reputation to be that I post nice things.” 

About the power of words both on and off-line

​“Sticks and Stones may break your bones, but words hurt like being hit by a tree trunk.”

“Words hurt sometimes worse than fists.”

“Being silent when someone is being bullied is as bad as bullying the person yourself.”

“Be careful when you use emoticons to share feelings, they can be misunderstood.”

“Always re-read emails before you push send.”

“Not everything on-line is true.”

​“Someone can still be smiling on the outside after being bullied, but be hurting on the inside and not tell anyone.”

“I know that I would have come to this at some point, but now I realize you can be meaner behind a screen.”

​“It didn’t occur to me that there was bullying online. It made me think.”