My Digital TAT2 provides workshops and seminars for students, parents, educators, health care providers, and business professionals. We work in school, clinical, and corporate settings, as well as at youth and community organizations. In addition, we provide keynotes, conference presentations, and speakers' panels.

Founded by a child psychologist and a social worker, MDT2’s approach to technology is positive and empowering, not fear-based. Our emphasis is on early education and prevention. MDT2’s focus is to help families stay connected through open communication, and to inspire creating communities of thoughtful and respectful online engagement. We further believe in supporting students to create a positive digital reputation and stand up to social cruelty both online and offline. 

​My Digital TAT2 believes that the most effective way to create online communities of kindness and respect is to involve all stakeholders: educators, parents, and students.​
Through our direct work with children and teens of all ages in the classroom and through our teen advisory boards and programs, we are able to hear directly from "the experts" how they are using technology and how it affects them. 

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