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listen to our clients

“My Digital TAT2’s workshop on cyber-bullying is truly outstanding! As a classroom teacher, it can be difficult to find meaningful curriculum to help our students become more tech savvy. We can't shield our students from the online world, and the magic of My DigitalTAT2’s curriculum is that it teaches students to stop and critically think about what persona they are projecting online. In addition, Erica and Gloria relate to the students in such a genuine manner. They create a safe space for students to open up about the challenges they are facing on and offline.”    

6th Grade Teacher, East Palo Alto

"The material was a great way to get my 4th grader to talk about his experience. ...I am so thankful that he got a chance to explore all of this before entering the virtual world on his own. It will make him a better virtual citizen and also help him protect and advocate for himself."                                             Susie Idzik, PTA President Ohlone Elementary                                    

“Every student was hooked from the first minute of the presentation where they showed powerful videos that encouraged students to be safe in the age of the Internet. The students also felt very comfortable sharing their own stories with them as they established a safe and open environment in the classroom. The curriculum is up-to-date and relevant to the students’ lives, and they masterfully tailor the presentations to match the needs of the classroom. Every student who is “connected,” should experience the digital safety talk by My Digital TAT2. We cannot stop singing their praises!”  
7th Grade Teacher, East Palo Alto   

"It was a kind and timely invitation for all of us to think beyond the seconds it takes us to craft and send a message, to the months and years of relationship that are impacted and affected by our online lives. Judging by the "online fluency" I heard in that classroom, I think such an invitation has come none too soon! I was struck by how relevant and scaleable your presentation was for any audience. It is really compassionate, critical and thoughtful work you are producing, and I'm so glad you brought it to Ohlone!" 
Jennifer Sampson, PTA president, Ohlone

“You ladies had amazing timing and synchronicity as you gave your excellent presentation. Thank you for the information- much appreciated!
Elementary School Teacher

“My students experienced an amazing epiphany as a result of your presentation- Thank you!

Encinal Elementary, 5th Grade Teacher

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you on behalf of Palo Alto High School for the superb presentation you made on "The Digital Tatoo." This is my fourth and final year being involved in organizing parent education events for Paly, and I have to say, this was absolutely one of the best – ever. And we've had some great presentations."
Maureen Simons, VP, Parent Programs,   
Palo Alto High School PTSA

"Our kids" digital lives are increasing becoming more and more complex as their private and public worlds blur. We struggle as parents on how best to guide them. Erica and Gloria empower parents to navigate and embrace the challenges that parenting in this C21st present. Through their practical and problem solving approach, they share appropriate strategies and materials to guide parents and kids. ...Enlightening and thought provoking…. a must."    
Julie Duffield, Current PTA (Palo Alto) Parent Educator
​Coordinator Jordan Middle School     
PTAC VP Parent Education 2011
Mom of 2 teenage boys at Jordan & Paly

"Erica and Gloria use cutting edge research to help parents navigate cyber space and tackle serious and uncomfortable material with humor and humility. The content of their work is always high on parent’s radar. Erica and Gloria have an uncanny ability to connect with adolescent kids and are able to make the material accessible and fun."                              
Susan Usman
PTAC President, Palo Alto Unified School District 

“Gloria and Erica bring realism, humor and perspective to parenting our children in a 24/7 media world. I’ve seen them ease adult anxiety while leading the critical discussion about our rapidly changing cyber-land. Wise move to have them present!”   
Counselor, Palo Alto and San Carlos