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About Us

We empower students, families, and educators to understand the power of technology and the impact of their online presence. Our mission is to facilitate conversations that inspire thoughtful and ethical online behavior to help people think critically about their power and responsibility in a connected world. 


Founded by a child psychologist and social worker, My Digital TAT2 addresses how to build healthy habits, critical thinking, and thoughtful online behavior in order to integrate technology into our lives in a constructive way.

Core Values

1. We recognize the power of curiosity, making sure to understand where young people are coming from and what they are trying to say.

2. We are innovative, keeping up with the constantly changing online world to best improve our curriculum.

3. We teach empathy and help young people to be understanding of others perspective.

4. We stand for inclusivity, building from that lens to create a diverse and welcoming program.


Statistical and anecdotal data are vital to our work in understanding the psychology of technology and how it effects young people today.


Education and Empowerment in the Digital Age:

Using a youth-informed intervention on digital media literacy to prevent cyber bullying

Keeping Up With New Digital Trends:

This study was conducted in partnership with Stanford University's Social Media Lab and the San Bruno Park School District.

"Erica and Gloria use cutting edge research to help parents navigate cyber space and tackle serious and uncomfortable material with humor and humility."


Corporate Team

JM LI.jfif

Executive Director

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Co-Founder and

Director of Teen Empowerment

Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet Headshot.jpg

Co-Founder and

Director of Curriculum

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Director of Operations

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Program Coordinator

Angela Lee Headshot.jpg

Research and Curriculum Associate

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Alicia Purpur MDT2 Wesbite Headshot.jpg

Research Associate

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Design and Marketing Consultant


Podcast Engineer

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My Digital TAT2 is proud to present our financial impact and fiscal responsibility. View recent tax returns and governance documents here. 


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