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Blogs & Perspectives

Educator Blogs
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November 2022
"What I've noticed in the classroom this year." MDT2 educator Melissa Rosenberger shares her perspective on the students and teachers that she has engaged with this school year.”
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January 2023
"What MDT2 curricular changes over the last two years feel important to you and why?" MDT2 educator Geetha Chandroth talks about the new elements we implemented in our workshops since we started teaching on Zoom.
Teen Perspectives
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Social Media
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Nikhil has been a MDT2 teen advisor for two years. He was part of our 2 most recent teen summer internship programs where he researched and presented on "Platform Responsibility" and "NFT's and the Metaverse."
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One of our High School Intern shares their appreciation for the instant messaging social platform Discord.
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