Teen Empowerment

We are informed by the voices of young people, the experts of the online world. We empower them to speak out and express themselves by giving them a platform and safe space.

Teen Advisory Boards 


One of our most valuable resources for staying informed is our high school and middle school advisory boards. During monthly meetings throughout the school year, we facilitate conversations with students to better understand the challenges facing young people today. We have discussions about mental health to the newest trends on social media, helping us to constantly improve our curriculum and understand what students are coping with.

Media in the Middle Podcast

Media in the Middle is a podcast that is led and informed by teens, where they share how social media impacts their lives. The podcast team goes in depth on topics that help parents, caregivers, and teachers to better understand young people and the challenges of living in an online world. The most recent episodes speak to cancel culture, building relationships in the pandemic, and gaming culture.

Summer Internship Program

Each year we select a diverse group of high school students to participate in our summer internship program. Interns take a deep dive into current online related topics, researching their own interests and presenting it to the team. Their voices inform us on the constantly changing state of their online world, keeping us up to date on what is relevant and relatable. 

Sponsor Our Teen-led Podcast

Media in the Middle podcast is a semi-monthly production that is poised to reach 500-1100 listeners an episode. We expect consumers from across the US to tune in and hear the authentic, diverse, and uncensored voices of young people.

Youth Voices Uncensored

Film Screening + Teen Panel

Book a film screening of "Youth Voices Uncensored" a short film that highlights the voices of young people. We follow the screening with a panel of teens to answer your questions.

Our Summer Internship Partners

My Digital TAT2 Summer Interns have met with representatives from the companies below to discuss ethical tech use, new product innovation, and to offer feedback from a teen's perspective.

"I learned so much about the digital world, how people use it, and why it's important to try to understand it, and I had a lot of fun doing so! From it, I feel a lot more empowered about who I am and how I can use my voice (digital or physical) to speak up."



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