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Our Mission

My Digital TAT2 is addressing how to build healthy habits, critical thinking, and thoughtful online behavior in order to integrate technology into our lives in a constructive way.

Founded by a child psychologist and social worker, MDT2 is rooted in a positive approach that empowers technology and focuses on not being afraid of it. Technology and the online world is something that carries a heavy responsibility, yet is an incredibly powerful tool. As families and communities face this world full of new tools, apps, rules and new challenges, we partner with them to encourage more responsible technology use.

Core Values

1. We recognize the power of curiosity, making sure to understand where young people are coming from and what they are trying to say.

2. We are innovative, in order to keep up with the constantly changing online world.

3. We make sure to be empathetic with every one we work with.

4. We are inclusive, no matter who it is or what their situation may be, we are here to help.

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"Erica and Gloria uses cutting edge research to help parents navigate cyber space and tackle serious and uncomfortable material with humor and humility."



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Together with teachers, caregivers, and students, we can build a thoughtful and healthy world online.


Our Teen Advisors

One of our goals at My Digital TAT2 is to elevate the voices of youth by providing them with opportunities and platforms to speak about their experiences and challenges using social media. Our Teen Advisors inform our work and ensure we're always up-to-date on the latest trends in social media and teen online use. 

Podcast Team

Listen to youth voices share about how social media impacts their lives. Media in the Middle is an all teen hosted and engineered podcast with a mission to help adults truly listen to the youth voice. The podcast teams explore topics that will help parents, caregivers, and teachers gain a deeper understanding of the struggles and challenges of living a 24/7 digital world. Recent episodes speak to Cancel Culture, Building Relationships in a Pandemic, and Gaming Culture.

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My Digital TAT2 is proud to present our nonprofit financial impact and fiscal responsibility. View recent tax returns and governance documents. 

Become a Partner

Our corporate, foundation, and nonprofit partners extend our reach to schools and families so that we can help communities raise digitally resilient youth. ​


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