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High School

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Extension Activities

Personal branding, reputation, and mindfulness


Mindfulness, screen time, and device dependency

What's New

MDT2 high school summer intern Sophie presents her research project on the psychology behind social media use. Watch her presentation on our YouTube channel on how social media affects your brain and how they can impact people's self-esteem.


MDT2 high school summer intern Eric presents his research project on echo chambers and social media algorithms. Watch his presentation on what echo chambers are and how information can be manipulated to fit an agenda.


In this episode of Media in the Middle, teens share their thoughts about body image and how social media pushes these unrealistic beauty standards. Listen to how these teens see and feel this pressure to look perfect online and how it can affect young people's mental health.


In this episode of Media in the Middle, teens talk about how they are using streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and YouTube and how their relationship with these platforms has changed during quarantine.


Listen to this episode of Media in the Middle to learn how social media reflects the political views of young people. You'll hear about how peers, influencers, and social news can impact the political beliefs of teens, particularly right before a major election.


This episode of Media in the Middle will explore how teenagers use social media to get their news and what that looks like. Learn about how news and movements like #BlackLivesMatter are shared and amplified.


MDT2 co-founder Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet was recently featured in ABC's 20/20 episode on the death of Conrad Roy and the case of Michelle Carter who pushed Conrad with text messages to kill himself. Listen to our teens' thoughts on Michelle's actions covered in the 20/20 episode Words to Die By.

CONTENT WARNING: Suicide, mention of suicide causes and prevention

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