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Teachers & Parents

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Research Projects by High School Teens
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MDT2 high school summer intern Eric presents his research project on echo chambers and social media algorithms. Watch his presentation on what echo chambers are and how information can be manipulated to fit an agenda.

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MDT2 high school summer intern Anishka presents her research project on self-diagnosis, faking disorders, and Munchausen syndrome.

Psychology behind social media

MDT2 high school summer intern Sophie presents her research project on the psychology behind social media use and how it satisfies people's desires for connection.

Infographics To Read And Share
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Read the advice compiled by our teen advisors. Download and share these tips with gamers to help spread ideas about how to deal with toxic behavior online and how to stand up for others experiencing toxic behavior.

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Learn about different apps that gave been scientifically proven to be beneficial. These apps can be used as tools to increase your emotional wellness.


It's hard to put down a device. Our high school advisors share some
of their strategies to putting a pause in their device use.
Give one of them a try - you won't be sorry!

Parenting Tips Covered in our Parent Ed Presentations
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Quizzes For Parents
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Parents, test your knowledge! If you get stumped, use these conversation starters to connect with your teen and enter their world of TikTok.

discord quiz.png

What is Discord? See if you can answer these questions about the instant messaging app.

minecraft quiz.png

How well do you know Minecraft? Test your knowledge about this popular sandbox game.

Quick Guides For Parents
In partnership with ConnectSafely
instagram guide.png

Learn about the social media site Instagram and how users can protect their safety and well-being.

tiktok guide.png

TikTok is an app that allows people to view, create and
share short videos. Learn more about the app and the built-in parental guides.

roblox guide.png

Use this guide to understand what Roblox is and how you can keep children safe on this popular gaming platform.

Informative Teen-Led Podcasts
minecraft podcast.png

Middle school teens talk about the block-building game Minecraft, the best-selling game in the world. Listen to our teens who share their thoughts about Minecraft and why they love it so much.

among us podcast.png

Learn about the multiplayer game, Among Us! It’s a social deduction game developed and published in 2018, but has suddenly shot to the top of Steam and app download lists, reaching more than 86 million downloads by mid-September of 2020.

valorant podcast.png

High school teens talk about the popular computer first-person shooter game Valorant. Listen to our teens who share their thoughts about Valorant and their opinion about violence in video games in general.

girl gaming podcast.png

High school female teens share their experiences in online gaming. Listen to some of the challenges each of these teens encounter in their online gaming
sessions when other players realize that they are female.

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