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Every text, share, and interaction online makes an impact. My Digital TAT2 helps young people understand their power and responsibility online.

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Our 3-8th grade student workshops educate young people to be empathetic, ethical, and responsible consumers and producers of online content. We challenge students to think critically about their actions online and give them tools to cultivate a healthy and mindful relationship with technology. Workshops are virtual. Limited in-person spots are available for Bay Area schools.

Image by National Cancer Institute
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Healthcare & Youth Providers

Blending current research and the actual experiences of young people, our workshops for school counselors and youth services providers aim to help participants understand young people’s relationship with technology as it relates with their social development and its impact on their health and well-being. Participants gain practical strategies to support students and families in developing a balanced, healthy relationship with technology. Workshops are virtual.

The magic of My Digital TAT2’s curriculum is that it teaches students to stop and think critically about what persona they are projecting online.

6th grade teacher, East Palo Alto, California

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