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We all leave a digital trail behind us as we journey through the online world. Every text, share, and interaction online may fade, but much like a tattoo, they never go away entirely. My Digital TAT2 helps young people to understand their power and responsibility online, to make sure we all leave a positive digital footprint behind us.

Image of My Digital Tat2 instructor leading a session, children in class are raising their hands
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We help students, parents, and caregivers to think critically about how to self-regulate their technology usage and gain digital resiliency.

Boy Checking his Phone
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Through podcasts and internships, we empower students to speak out when faced with social cruelty, both online and in person.

Image by National Cancer Institute
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We offer professional training and tailored curricula to partners who want to better understand the effects of the digital world on young people.

The magic of My Digital TAT2’s curriculum is that it teaches students to stop and think critically about what persona they are projecting online.

6th grade teacher, East Palo Alto, California

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