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Young people have more access to social media, gaming, and the internet than ever before, racking up an average of 12.5 hours of screen time a day. While there are many positives to the ease of access to information and the online connections to friends during this pandemic, there is also risk when students don't have the skills to navigate misinformation, bullying, and adult content which they are sure to encounter.

With the increase in unsupervised screen time and the rapid spread of disinformation, our work is more urgent than ever. 

Help Us Reach 250 New

Schools this Spring

My Digital TAT2 is launching a new initiative—Sponsor-a-School! Our goal is to raise $50,000 by June 2021 and introduce 250 new schools and thousands of students nationwide to help them navigate digital overuse, exposure to inappropriate content, and the impact of online bullying.

With a pledge of just $200, we will donate our on-demand program to a school of your choice or let us select an underfunded school in your honor.


We need your help to raise another $25,000 to reach 125 more schools!


A generous donor has helped us to kick off our campaign, and we are already halfway there!

Our goal: $50,000

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SAS donate

We're making an impact

students in grades 3 through 12


schools and youth organizations


adults including parents, educators, and healthcare providers


With your help, we can reach even more

My Digital TAT2’s proven, interactive curriculum has guided more than 35,000 students to be ethical and responsible producers and consumers of digital media, who are able to protect and respect their own and other's privacy, prevent and stand up to social cruelty, and think critically to recognize disinformation.


Co-founded in 2011 by two mental health professionals (who are also parents), the foundation of our programs is based on social emotional learning, thereby supporting the innate empathy, creativity, and curiosity of the children we serve.

MDT2 is poised to help students self-regulate in a tech-saturated world and help them make responsible, healthy, and mindful choices. 

What Schools Will Receive

We will send the school our resources and recorded content for one of the below.

Elementary School Program

From 3rd to 5th grade, students are learning more about connecting with others on social and emotional levels while also exploring new digital worlds. They are also grasping the concept of problem-solving on their own.


This curriculum focuses on adapting those connections to their online lives. The topics expand into numerous lessons, including identifying manipulation, and taking opportunities to stand up for yourself and others.

Topics include:

  • Online Friendships

  • Empathy

  • Balancing Digital Use

  • Personal Power

Middle School


Between 6th and 8th grade, students begin to distance themselves from family and have greater focus on their peers. Social media provides them with endless opportunities to connect with their friends and seek outward influence. 


This curriculum focuses on being healthy and responsible  when navigating the digital world. It also includes the significance of maintaining privacy, being critical of news and its sources, and the impact of your actions on others.

Topics include:

  • Digital Mindfulness

  • Standing Up to Social Cruelty

  • Misinformation

  • Online Reputation

Frequently Asked Questions

What does $200 include for the school?

Each school will receive a 30-minute on-demand video presentation about digital citizenship. Schools will also receive access to a special resource center including articles and tools for teachers as well as posters and infographics for students.

Can I donate to any school of my choice?

Yes! Once you donate, we'll follow up with you to ensure that the school of your choice receives our special resources and on-demand video workshop. We'll even update you after the content has been sent to your school.

What if I don't have a school in mind?

If you don't have a school that you would like to give this program to, we will donate this program to an underfunded school in your region. We will keep you updated about which school we select.

Can I donate to a school anywhere?

Yes, you can donate this program to a school anywhere in the US. We will follow up with you to gather the contact info for the school so we can follow up with them.

What if my school wants more?

After your school receives the on-demand package, we will follow up with them to make a plan to determine next steps. We will work with them to assess the needs of their teachers, students, and parents and design a program that fits their needs and budget.

How is your program most effective?

We highly recommend that schools use our systemic programming to reach not only students, but the adults that support them. We ideally start with teacher training, students workshops, and end with parent educations so that all stakeholders are able to reinforce the lessons learned.

How is you program different from other online interventions?

Before the pandemic, our workshops were conducted in person in student classrooms and in assemblies. We were able to interact directly with students and hear their issues and concerns. Now that we are virtual, we have designed our online program to be just as dynamic and interactive.

What is your philosophy and approach?

We are non-fear based. We believe that technology is here to stay, and children need to learn to control their devices rather than the devices controlling them. We recognize and emphasize that every family is on a different timeline and comfort level with technology. We believe in early intervention; even young children who do not use technology are exposed to a world full of devices. 

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