"What I really like is that this is not a fear-based message. This is all about hope and [how we can]…raise our kids higher in the future."    

Product Manager, Google

"…the magic of My Digital TAT2’s curriculum is that it teaches students to stop and critically think about what persona they are projecting online."    

6th Grade Teacher, East Palo Alto

My Digital TAT2 is a Silicon Valley nonprofit organization addressing one of the most challenging issues facing society: how to build the healthy habits, critical thinking, and thoughtful online behavior necessary to integrate technology into our lives in a constructive way. My Digital TAT2 facilitates conversations that inspire safe, ethical, and conscious digital use by educating people about their power and responsibility in our connected world.

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Digital Citizenship

Strategies for Parenting the

"Always-On" Generation

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Parenting the "Always-On" Generation