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We believe young people are essential in shaping a safe, ethical, just, and kind online world. Through advisory groups, internships, and workshops from 3rd to 12th grade, we actively listen and learn from their experiences. This guides us in updating our workshops and training for students, parents, and educators.

Join us on this journey of fostering digital well-being and responsible online citizenship!

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Usability Guides for Digital Well-being

We have developed informational guides for parents and educators in partnership with ConnectSafely. 

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Digital Platforms

Safety and Inclusion


Expert Articles

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In becoming a parent or caregiver, most of us understood that it would come with the responsibility of potentially awkward conversations regarding issues like drugs and sex. 

Discussing Sexting between Tweens and Teens

Internet Safety
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Having technology introduced on the younger side can be beneficial as tweens are often more responsive to parental advice than teenagers may be, however the trade off is that they may encounter content they are not ready for at a younger age. 

Navigating the Digital Frontier

Media Literacy

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For many parents and caregivers, one of the most nerve-racking decisions to make is how and when to talk with their children about sex. 

Discussing pornography with children

Internet Safety

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This guide explores the intricacies of loot boxes and microtransactions, and suggestions for dealing with potential problem gambling behavior in youth communities.

Exploring the Ethical Landscape of In-Game Purchases in Modern Gaming

Gaming and Entertainment 

Parent and child looking at computer screen

Tips for Parenting in the Digital Age

Parent and child looking at tablet

Tips Para Madres y Padres en un Mundo Digital

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Parenting the "Always-On" Generation

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Digital Citizenship

Digital Parenting Toolbox

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Explore Our Youth Insights!

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Teens in a recording studio mading a the Media in the Middle podcast
MDT2 Podcast: Media in the Middle

Our podcasts allow young people to hone communication and digital literacy skills while providing meaningful information for those tuning in. 

Purple cover of the See ME magazine, spring 2022 edition
See ME Magazine: Spring 2022

Your donation supports the training and development of qualified staff who deliver programs, workshops, and resources to our partner communities

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