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We believe young people are an integral part of the solution to create an online world that is safe, ethical, just, and kind. We listen carefully as we work with young people in middle and high school advisory groups, summer internships, and in classroom workshops from 3rd-12th grade. We learn from their experiences and perspectives, and continually update our student, parent and educator workshops and trainings to reflect what we have learned.

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Quick Guides

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In Partnership with ConnectSafely

Infographics and Tip Sheets

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MDT2 Podcast:
Media in the Middle

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See ME Magazine
- Spring 2022

This is our first issue of our quarterly publication that amplifies youth voices. Parents and teens can learn a lot about each other when sharing about relatable characters from their favorite shows, movies, books, and even video games. We encourage everyone to be curious about who we relate to in the stories we admire.

Talks at Google

Parenting the "Always-On" Generation

Digital Citizenship

Strategies for Parenting in the online world

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