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Teen Empowerment

Our work is informed by the voices of young people, the experts of the online world. We empower them to speak out and express themselves by giving them a platform and safe space.

Read about our teen programs and opportunities below!

We are seeking a diverse group of high school students to participate in our 2024 summer internship program. Dive into current online topics, research your interests and present them to the team! Your voices inform us of the constantly changing state of their online world, keeping us up to date on what is relevant and relatable. If you would like to learn more about our summer internship program, please contact us.

Limited spots available.

Gain leadership skills

Connect with teens from all over the country

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Applications are now closed.

Meet experts and thought leaders in tech

Sharpen research and presentation skills

High school volunteer credit or summer stipend available

Applications Closed for Summer 2024

ShiftCtrl: Virtual Summer Internship
for High School Students
Amplify your voice!

My Digital TAT2 Summer Interns have met with representatives from the companies below to discuss ethical tech use, new product innovation and to offer feedback from a teen's perspective.

We are grateful to our speakers!

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I think one of the most important things we can do during these times is educate ourselves and each other about the Internet. The Internet is such an integral part of life, yet we don't really account for its influence in our schools and communities.

Anna, 2022 Teen Intern

Teen Podcast

Media in the Middle is a teen-led podcast where they share how social media and technology informs and impacts their lives. The podcast team goes in-depth on topics that help parents, caregivers, and teachers to better understand young people and the challenges of living in an online world.

We are thankful for those who shared their voices on our podcast series!

Teen Programs
New Teen Podcast Program

This year, our podcast program is a course that is curated, overseen and supported by industry professionals specialized in education. Students spent the first half of the school year building all the skillsets needed (audio production, mixing, beats making, recording, publishing and marketing) to plan, produce and promote a professional quality podcast. 

We are beginning the second half of the school year with preparing and creating our first podcast episodes. All teens are welcome to join this second semester and be part of our podcast episodes. No experience needed!

We are also accepting applications for the 2024-2025 school year.

Contact us to learn more!

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Youth Voices Advisory Board

One of our most valuable resources for staying informed is our teen advisory board. During monthly meetings throughout the school year, we facilitate conversations with students to better understand the latest trends and challenges on social media.

We are accepting applications for the 2024-2025 school year.

Contact us to learn more!

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