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Empowering students, families, and educators to understand technology and the impact of their online presence

My Digital TAT2 addresses how to build healthy habits, critical thinking, and thoughtful online behavior

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What We Do Works

For over ten years, we've worked with schools and families to navigate digital dependency, inappropriate content, and the impact of online hate

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45,000 Students

use technology more responsibly, and create a kinder digital culture

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8,500 Parents

know how to partner with their kids and ensure healthy digital use

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600 School Counselors

know how to support students in being safe, conscious, and kind online

We are looking for youth leaders to share their voices in our teen programs!
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What I really like is that this is not a fear-based message. This is all about hope and how we can raise our kids higher and empower them to be responsible in the future.

Judith A., Parent of a 5th grader from San Carlos, California

Our Incredible Partners

Our incredible partners play a pivotal role in our success, contributing their expertise and dedication to help us achieve remarkable outcomes and create lasting impact.

Logo for Stanford University's Social Media Lab
Logo for Children's Health Council
Logo for Community Health Awareness Council
Logo for Safespace
Logo for Health Connect with tag line "Sex Ed Starts Here"
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Logo for Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula
Funding by Valley Health Foundation, through the County of Santa Clara Federal Coronavirus
Logo for Connect Safely
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