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Healthcare & Youth Services Providers

Whether you work in healthcare, counseling, or youth services, this professional training workshop offers valuable insights and tools to enhance your ability to assist youth and families in fostering healthy screen-time habits and promoting positive online behavior.

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In these interactive sessions, we delve into the ever-changing digital landscape and how young people engage with digital devices. Participants will gain strategies to connect with children and teens, fostering critical thinking and mindful technology use. We address topics like online misinformation, device dependency, addictive behavior, and the allure of popular apps and games. Clinicians, counselors, healthcare providers, and support staff will find these trainings essential.


Through our youth advisory councils and school partnerships, we aim to comprehend psychological responses to social media and provide strategies for safe and ethical tech use. Our workshops focus on understanding a child's digital world, exploring current apps, trends, and challenges.

Understanding Digital Childhood & Adolescence: Strategies for Supporting Youth in a Radically Connected World

Topics will include understanding the impact of digital technology on child development, recognizing signs of digital distress, and collaborating with parents and caregivers to create supportive digital environments at home. 


By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the most recent research findings around young people’s digital and social media use; 

  • Explore ways of effectively engaging and collaborating with youth and parents to address digital-related challenges and concerns, including how to initiate conversations about digital use, setting healthy boundaries around screen time, and fostering digital agency skills.

  • Share best practices for supporting youth and parents, drawing upon their own experiences and expertise in healthcare, counseling, and youth services. 

Single session (1.5 hr) or two part sessions (60 min each, with an extension activity in between sessions)

Virtual through Zoom (up to 275 participants) unless otherwise arranged

Sessions can be customized for providers serving elementary-aged youth or middle/high school-aged youth

Unlimited access to additional resources and extension activities via our Partner Portal

To learn more, contact us!

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