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Student Workshops

Our 3rd - 8th grade standards aligned digital citizenship and media literacy curriculum covers topics relevant to each stage of youth development. 

Image of My Digital Tat2 instructor leading a group activity, children are looking at a paper doll

Bring Us to Your School

Our student workshops are single-session or two-part sessions, 50 min to 1 hour, and include worksheets and in-class activities. Workshops are virtual; limited spots for in-person 3-5th grade workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area. Subsidization of cost may be available based on student data. Contact us to see if your school qualifies.

Topics covered include: safety and privacy online, friendships, toxicity, cyberbullying, digital perfection, media literacy, and healthy tech habits. 
Online Education

Parenting in the Digital Era: Supporting Dialogue & Strategies for Building Healthy Tech Habits

We address the issues that parents and caregivers are most concerned about right now, such as how much screen time is too much, how to keep their children safe online, and how to foster a healthy balance with technology within the whole family. 


By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of what young people are facing online; 

  • Discover ways to dialogue with young people about their digital use in an effort to understand their perspectives and support them in developing self-regulation skills; and 

  • Practice strategies alongside young people for developing a balanced, healthy relationship with technology.


  • Single session (1.5 hr) or two part sessions (60 min each, with an extension activity in between sessions)

  • Virtual through Zoom (up to 275 participants) unless otherwise arranged

  • Sessions can be customized for caregivers with elementary-aged youth or middle/high school-aged youth.

  • Spanish workshops available

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