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Our Programs

What Students Learn

Our goal is to help guide students by educating them on their digital responsibility and the power of their online presence.

Mindful Digital Use

We help students to think critically about how to self regulate their technology usage.

Stand Up To Bullying

We empower students to be upstanders and speak out when faced with social cruelty, both online and in person.

Positive Digital Presence

We encourage students to see the importance of managing their presence online and leaving a positive impact behind them.

We all leave a digital footprint behind us as we journey through the online world. Every text, share, and interaction online may fade, but much like a tattoo, they never go away entirely. My Digital TAT2 helps young people to understand their responsibility online, to make sure we all leave a positive digital footprint behind us.


Bring Us To Your School

Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate for each grade and tailored to each age group's unique situation, all while building on each year that we return. Our workshops are common core aligned, connecting social emotional learning with the impact of digital usage on children.

We work with schools and students to help them understand their personal responsibility online. Our trained educators are friendly, interactive, and thoughtful; empowering young people to learn healthy digital habits at school and at home. These workshops are facilitated in two 45 minute sessions, teaching students to be upstanders and to use technology in meaningful ways.  


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"The magic of My Digital TAT2’s curriculum is that it teaches students to stop and think critically about what persona they are projecting online."


We help parents and caregivers raise digitally resilient children who are capable of being thoughtful and responsible online.

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We offer programs for professionals who want to better understand the effects of the digital world on young people. 


Help athletes build a strong

social media presence with our

Student-Athlete Workshops and

Professional Development for Coaches

Topics include:

How colleges and employers are using social media to assess candidates

Social-emotional and psychological responses to technology and social media

Your impact on others' online reputations

Strategies for creating a positive online presence

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We have provided workshops, staff trainings, and uniquely tailored curriculum to a variety of clients throughout California.